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Personalizing Smart Contact and Contactless Cards  

September 18, 2017


The MultiEncoder provides an innovative form of production for plastic card personalization. This system which can be found in CIM’s Premium Series performs fast electrical personalization of both contact and contactless smart cards. The MultiEncoder is one of the most sophisticated systems that we offer. Even if your smart cards are using different applications simultaneously, the system still works efficiently to enhance the production output. This machine can do heavy duty processing- up to 3,000 smart cards in an hour!

 The MultiEncoder operates as part of a sophisticated production line. There are many components to the card personalization process including magnetic encoding, embossing, indentation, smart chip technology, and so much more.

The MultiEncoder can be used as part of a production line or as a stand-alone module as it has a dedicated feeder and stacker.


The Difference Between Contact And Contactless Cards

Contact based cards require some sort of physical contact for the card to be used. Contact cards will need to either be swiped or inserted for transactions to be completed. 

Contactless cards work with RFID (radio frequency ID) technology, and you simply need to be near the scanner. If you look closely at your card, you can see the antennae surrounding the contactless chip 

Other technologies that are used for contactless cards include electric field coupling or optical technologies.    

 EMV and NFC

Security Features

The most important thing to note about either type of these smart cards is that they provide protection to both businesses and consumers using plastic cards. Smart chip technology is among the most secure of any of these available features. Both types of cards make the identification process fast and easy. One could argue that contactless cards are among the easiest of plastic card usage as they only require a tap or a wave. 


Security Concerns 

Contactless cards come along with the same fears that that physical contact cards do. Some matters are that of hackers being able to access the information on RFID cards with the right technology. These problems can be easily prevented if the card is placed in a sleeve or even inside of a wallet. 


Contact The Plastic Card Personalization Experts

 CIM-USA is an international leader in providing the right equipment to companies everywhere to assist in secure plastic card central issuance. You can trust CIM USA to provide your business with the latest technology and security features to protect your business and your clients and customers. Contact us today to find the right plastic card embossing and issuance system to suit your needs.  


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