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Features To Look For In An ID Card Printer

June 23, 2017

CIM USA has some of the most effective and most affordable ID card printers around. Our printers are quick and versatile, which is what you need for your company or organization. We offer a variety of options to suit your ID card needs including smart chip encoding and magnetic stripe encoding for all types of plastic cards that are issued. Basically, however complex or how simple you want your ID cards to be, you can make them that way with our selection of printers and options. Take a look at the guide below to help you make a more informed decision about your ID card printer type.  

Suited For Multiple Operating Environments

When you look for an ID card printer for your organization, you want to be sure that the cards are suited for the environments you’re going to be using them in. If you need more on demand printing then you should look for an ID printer that can fit that specific need along with other requirements.  

Crisp Images

A great feature in any ID card printer is that of vivid images. Whether you’re printing in monochrome or color, it’s important that the identification images come through clear in order to help make the entire badge process streamlined. Check the DPI resolution of the printer and be sure it offers edge to edge printability.

Card Types And Features

The card ID printer that you choose should offer the features that you need. From high security clearance organizations to basic ID needs in less stringent settings, the ID card printer should be able to keep up with your organization’s security needs. The ID card is, after all, part of one of your most important security protection features in many cases. 

The Physical Security Of The Printer Itself

Where will you be keeping your ID card printers? Part of your security features should include a plan that only authorized personnel have access to these ID acrd printers. Anything different could lead to some serious security breaches. Can the ID card printer be put under lock and key? Will it be stored in a secure office? Ask these questions in order to decide the ID card printer that’s right for you.  


Will You Need Extended Print Runs?

Many card readers have a larger maximum number of cards that can be loaded into them compared to others. The standard number for many acrd printers is 200 blank cards. This is especially helpful in settings where the ID card printer must be used for an extended period to complete the printing of large quantities of IDs. 


Energy Efficiency

It’s a nice bonus to have an ID card printer that offers energy efficiency. This allows the card printer to run better and save your organization a bit on electricity and energy costs. 


CIM USA offers the Sunlight Saturn ID Card Printer along with the advanced Rainbow Light software for ID card printers along with many other plastic card issuance solutions, and more. Contact us today to let CIM help you obtain the equipment that you need to suit your company’s needs for both security and productivity.  

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