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A New Solution For Embossing Marker Plates And Tags Is Here

May 22, 2017

CIM has just introduced a brand new solution for embossing metal marker tags and plates. Knowing that these plates are important for identification across many industries, we know that accuracy is important. We also understand that convenience is key while out in the field and on job sites. That’s why the creation of the MTM500 was so vital. This is a solution that is perfect for entry marker plates and tags used in many different applications. Due to its compact design, you can now easily accommodate your marking needs right on the job site. The best part of this portable marking system is that it provides high quality workmanship along with accuracy.

The MTM500 is perfect for many different industries and purposes including pipe identification, marine environment work, utility and power company needs, mining, and industrial manufacturing to name a few. Basically, any industry that uses metal plate marking and could use this portable solution and benefit from the MTM500. These plates can be used in everything from cable wire identification to marking submarines during the manufacturing process. MTM 500 MACCHINA


The MTM500 is an incredibly durable system that allows for readable characters to come out on any metal plates that it embosses. There’s even an option that allows you to choose different size characters. You’re even able to load the hooper with up to 200 blank marker plates. Everything about this system exudes ease and quality.

Along with CIM’s easy install QuickMark software, the entire MTM500 system is great for both small and medium production volumes of metal plates. The software requires little training for new users, and allows you to preview the final marking result on the marker plate right from the screen.


You can be sure of exceptional quality when it comes to CIM USA and our products. We are proud to provide the best in everything from EMV card printing solutions to metal plate embossing allowing your business both accuracy and security. Contact us today to discover more about our products and services.

When it comes to plastic card personalization, metal plate embossing, and secure ID card production, CIM is an international leader. You know that we are a business you can trust with the products to produce the highest quality cards and plates that come along with the most accuracy and security.

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