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The Trusted History Of CIM USA

December 7, 2016

Some “new” technologies in the consumer and business world aren’t so new to CIM’s offices all over the world. Technologies like EMV chip cards and other protections for business and consumers have been in our use for years.

CIM was founded in 1985 and has been growing consistently ever since. By the early 1990’s, CIM came up with products that provide simple yet flexible solutions. These have revolutionized the plastic card and metal plate market. Our offices have expanded throughout the years to have locations in Asia, Italy and North America.

CIM’s Achievements Throughout The Years 

In 1995, CIM partnered with a French company which focused on thermal transfer cards and printers. This technology allowed for the instant issuance of cards.

By 1998, CIM developed and manufactured equipment for the Japanese market, which included self-service options for card creation. CIM also launched INSERTER 1500, which was designed for the seamless mailing of cards by businesses.

In 1999, CIM released the ME Series which was designed for innovative metal plate personalization.

In 2004, CIM Italy introduced TL 1000 which authorized home offices to personalize their own ID cards.

By 2005, CIM was chosen to be a supplier by brand leaders in the automotive market to create metal tags for each piece of equipment used to build vehicles.

As you can see from the “short list” of CIM’s achievements in the card personalization and ID tag field, we have been ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology. All of our printers and personalization technologies have been created for success across many different industries. You can trust CIM for your business ID cards, metal plate embossing and EMV card creation needs.

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