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The Convenience and Versatility of Dot Peen Marking

September 30, 2016

Dot Peen Marking is a technology that allows manufacturers to automate their direct part marking processes. Each part will be traceable with data beyond the limited amount of alphanumeric characters and restricted space provided on the surface of a standard metal plate or tag. Good quality dot peen marking systems will allow you to place markings on products consistently and quickly.

Important things to look for in a dot peen marking system are:

  • Marks fast without errors
  • Connects directly to the cloud
  • Ability to use 2D matrix codes
  • Integration of technical systems is easy

Dot Peen Marking is often an upgrade for many manufacturers. The upside of the upgrade to these marking machines is definitely the increase in production for the manufacturer. The dot peen marking system greatly decreases the incidence of errors, which also helps increase production and eliminate the waste of product in the production facility.

Other methods of permanent part marking include:

  • Hand stamping
  • Laser marking
  • Chemical etching

These are all fine methods, however, none are as efficient as dot peen marking. These other methods are more time consuming and cause a lot of consumable waste. Some of the methods even require the use of hazardous chemicals.

When choosing between dot peen marking and any other method, in most cases, dot peen marking wins every time.

CIM USA offers two amazing models, the  MDM1000 and MDM2000 which give you tremendous flexibility in marking your metal tags. A cost-effective alternative to stamping and dies, dot peen words on the tag’s surface in any true Windows-type font as well as produce logos and other graphics.

If you’re searching for high quality marking machines for your manufacturing facility, look no further than CIM USA for dependable metal marking solutions.

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