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What Are Metal Plate Marking Systems Used to Help Identify?

August 18, 2016

Metal plate marking systems are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. These metal marking systems help to clearly mark metal plates that identify many different types of objects from tractors to automobiles.

Identification plates are used in areas where some materials cannot be used safely or practically. Metal is generally the safest material to be used for these purposes. The metals used are not as subject to deterioration as other materials. The types of metals that are often used include brass, bronze and aluminum. These are metals that will not rust or build up with residue easily. Material like these are also able to tolerate extreme temperatures well.

What metal plate marking systems help to identify is based solely on what purpose the item is being used for. Metal marking systems can produce multiple identification plates or single plates for multiple items that require unique identification. Below, we explain some of the uses for metal marking machines and their respective metal identification plates.


Schematic Plates 


These plates identify diagrams to indicate how certain types of equipment is wired. These identification plates can also tell how to properly operate machinery. In essence these plates that have been marked by metal marking systems are like built-in instruction manuals. They can be quick guides for both troubleshooting and repair services as well. These are great guides for machine operators and new employees using certain equipment alike. Schematic plates are good for both the safety and operation of machinery.



Barcode Plates/ 2D Data Matrix 

me5002d tag

Metal plate marking machines can also be used to put barcodes on certain items. Often, we think of barcodes as something that is placed on plastic or paper, but sometimes certain items require that codes be placed on them using more durable materials. These products would typically be exposed to harsh environments and temperatures. Often, these barcode identification plates will be attached to an item with screws or rivets to ensure that it is secure in extreme conditions.



Serial Number/ Model Number Identification Plates 


honda plate


These plates are used to identify the models of the items that they are placed on. They will often carry quite a bit of information on them and can be found underneath or on the back of an item. Some other information included along with the model and serial number is the voltage requirements, the date of manufacture and the company that manufactured the product. This is one of the most important uses for a metal plate marking systems.



Branded Metal Plates 


Metal plate marking systems can also be used to mark branded plates in order to display what brand a particular product is marketed under. If a plate needs to last for an extended period of time or needs to withstand harsh conditions, these branded plates must be used to save the brand logo on the product. These would typically be used on items like lawn mowers, tractors and toys.



As you can see, metal plate marking systems are incredibly useful across numerous industries. CIM USA provides the best quality metal marking systems that are sure to identify your products clearly and dependably. Contact CIM USA today to learn more about what solution can suit your needs and requirements.


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