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CIM’s ME5OO Now available with Manual Feed Option

December 29, 2015

The ME 500 is a portable METAL TAG EMBOSSING SOLUTION that offers the ability to emboss different tag sizes, it is developed for component and production line identification and traceability applications. It is available in two versions: the manual (ME 500 Manual Feeder) which can mark non-planar tags such as “easy entry” cable tags and odd shaped tags, and the automatic (ME 500 Automatic Feeder) with a 120 input hopper for standard tags.
The ME 500 is a completely self-contained tag marking machine that is EASY TO TRANSPORT, and is ideal for permanent marking of steel and aluminum tags. Designed to OPERATE IN HARSH INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENTS, the ME 500 is equipped with a BUILT-IN LINUX BASED CPU and an industrial spill proof membrane keyboard that allows the machine to work completely stand-alone without a PC. The interface is user-friendly and the large high resolution LCD DISPLAY makes data entry quick and easy in any production environment.

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