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Tap into what you are into, faster, safer and in a smarter way!!!

August 25, 2015

Multitasking is a must in today’s age. Our lifestyles allow us to do many things at the same time. A busy schedule is a symbol of prosperity, and folks try to fit in everything they love in their everyday lives.Taking shortcuts, finding the fastest and most efficient way to do things becomes the rule of the game, whether racing from after-school care to soccer practice, grocery shopping and picking up dry cleaning, buying milk while pumping gas on your way home from work, or how about a lovely stroll through the mall with your children and three of their rambunctiously hyperactive friends (an enterprise in itself)…

But what is that one function that often halts a doer’s rhythm, that one thing that no-one on a mission can avoid or overpass? That mandatory fork in the road that we all dread doing, but that we must do to avoid getting tackled by a security guard on our way to the exit?  Paying for your purchase!

Simple actions can alleviate the stress, cut time and possibly free up some space to juggle one more task… The answer is NFC cards!

Now you may ask yourself: “Why use a smart card when I can use my smart phone?”

This question is more than legitimate.  Why even conceive the use of a card when the all-mighty smart phone can do it all? (Some smart phones now have the capability to pay for transactions by placing the device in contact with an EMV terminal).

Knowing the care and almost overzealous relationship many cellphone users have regarding their digital devices, perhaps putting such an important part of their life at risk every time a purchase has to be made might seem like the coolest thing to do, in the beginning…

We all know the feeling of anger and frustration once that cell phone that cost us $500 falls and shatters. As multifaceted as these devices are, they are vulnerable to wear and tear and the simple tussle and pull of everyday life. Why risk such an investment to show off to a cashier? Why handle one more delicate good when your hands are usually already full? Why be a slave to a habit that has surpassed its purpose and functionality?

We don’t travel by jet-pack nor do we live in space stations like in the “future”, so why the obsession to necessarily engage through a technological medium at all costs and at every chance? Why risk damaging such an expensive and fragile device to simply buy a sprite at the convenience store? This argument might seem retrograde as if progress was seen as a negative factor in our lives, but does every new trend have to be adopted and regarded as a maven of advancement and enhancement to our lives without discussion? Or is the marriage of simplicity and hi-tech not a legitimate prerogative for all?

With NFC (Near Field Communication) cards, taking care of business can become easier, faster, and safer. NFC cards are the perfect way to go, practical, easy-access, lightweight and equipped with all the same high-tech features that a smart phone uses to make payments. Unless apple users have been stricken with amnesia, or if they paid for their iPhone 6 using cash, the memory of using a credit card should be pretty fresh. The excuse to use this digital device at every turn can be seen as obsessive rather than practical. An NFC card can perform in the same way as a fancy iPhone 6, in fact it is lighter, easier to retrieve and store, but most importantly we guarantee that it will not shatter if it falls on the floor! Smart cards work the same way as using a smart device to pay for a purchase, just tap it against a payment terminal, enter your PIN, and caching! You’re good to go! Unless you want to take a selfie with your kind bagger and cashier after filling your cart at the supermarket checkout, an NFC card can do just as fine…

NFC cards allow you to “tap” into what you are into, faster, safer and in a smarter way!!!

Visit  for all the info you need to learn about the EMV transition as well as our variety of products with full smart card capability and beyond, including the brand new MF12000!

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