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Enforcing Mail Security

July 17, 2015

CC burglar

Who has ever had the displeasure of opening their mailbox and finding mail that has been tampered with? The uneasy feeling is hard to shake-off. So many questions pass through your mind: Who did this, what were they able to get, where is my card and all that goes with it, who has my identity, how much have I already lost?

There is no ideal case scenario, nor is there a “less-worse” way of becoming a victim of identity theft. Having the physical proof of someone vandalizing your mail is actually reassuring, the evidence is enough to counteract and take the proper precautions, even if a sense of displeasure lingers as you might feel as if something could have been taken.

Delinquents tend to be skilled enough to tamper with mail without leaving physical evidence, taking all they need without leaving a trace. Someone with the intention of committing identity theft will have the ability to retrieve information from your mail and replace it as if nothing had occurred. What do you do in the face of this threat?

CIM has the solution to this problem! The CAM 8080 is now offered with a brand new card security labeling module for an additional layer of card security. This innovative feature allows the application of an adhesive plastic layer over the card, that serves as an impermeable membrane, keeping the card affixed to the carrier as well as protecting it from outside elements, especially those that threaten the security of the card and card holder’s information.

View the new Module in action by clicking on the image below:

CAM 8080 Labeling Module

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