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How Does a 2D Metal Plate Embosser Work?

December 16, 2011

A 2D metal plate embosser is the exact same concept as a standard metal plate embosser except that along with text and numbers, this machine also embosses a two dimensional data matrix code on the metal plate or tag.

2D data matrix codes are perfect for industrial marking applications that require data collection and management.  The “matrix” of raised dots contains alpha numeric data about a part, a piece of equipment, a valve, a pipe line, etc.  This readable matrix code allows for easy data retrieval and management in the harshest of conditions.

This 2D metal plate embosser contains an input hopper, that holds up to 250 blank tags of various dimensions, and feeds them into the machine.  The tags are then embossed with the correct information (translated by software that comes with the machine), then fed out the machine through the output hopper or side eject area.

2D data matrix codes can be produced in different sizes, depending on the amount of information you need in the code, and the size and shape of the tag being used.  The data can be read by most hand held bar code scanners, and the beauty of an embossed 2D matrix code is it is still readable if the code is painted over, the tag is sandblasting, subjected to harsh elements, etc.

Below are two examples of metal tags embossed by a 2D metal plate embosser.

2D Data Matrix Embossed Metal Plate

2D Data Matrix Embossed Metal Tag

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