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Leading U.S. Motor Manufacturer Identifies Products with CIM Metal Plate Embossing Machine

October 21, 2011

embossed metal plate


Baldor, a division of ABB, is headquartered in Fort Smith, AR, with production facilities worldwide.  Baldor is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient electric motors, providing solutions to industries ranging from forestry to power generation.

Identifying the Need:

Baldor was in need of a reliable, long-lasting, fully automatic metal plate marking system for the wide range of serial number plates they are using to identify their extensive product range.  All products that Baldor manufactures require serialization to comply with international certification requirements, as well as future product identification needs.  Baldor required a marking solution that would help them transition from the older metal plate marking machines they were currently using, to an up-to-date solution that would emboss stainless steel and aluminum serial number plates ranging from 1″ x 2″ to 6″ x 4″, with up to 60 variable fields on each plate; and seamlessly interface with their existing ERP platform for real time data feeds.

embossed metal plate

The Solution:

As the world’s leading manufacturer of solutions to mark metal plates using embossing technology, CIM proposed the proven CIM M3000 which met all of Baldors requirements, including a feeder capable of feeding and embossing serial number plates as large as 4” x 7”.   In addition, the Baldor M3000 units were outfitted with two complete alfa-numeric type sets housed in a 90 slot drum to allow Baldor to emboss serial number plate fields very close to the bottom edge of the plate.  Lastly, the engineering team at CIM designed a special solution to reliably feed and handle the special V shaped serial number plates Baldor uses in most of their product identification applications.

Proven Results:

The production and IT teams at Baldor were very pleased when they learned that the CIM M3000 would be a viable replacement for their existing out-of-date metal plate embossing systems. The CIM M3000 met the stringent quality requirements of the Baldor plate production team as well as facilitated their daily production and workflow by allowing real time plate data to stream live to the CIM M3000 embossing units.

The team at CIM prides itself on understanding the needs of companies such as Baldor, and modifying and improving upon their current system platforms to deliver superior results to the end customer.

For further information on CIM’s metal marking solutions, please visit

For further information on Baldor and their products and solutions, please visit their website at

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