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Metal Plate Marking Machines – MDM 1000/2000

September 13, 2011

Metal Plate Marking Machine MDM1000

The MDM is a metal plate marking machine based on dot matrix or dot peening technology. The dot matrix technology allows the machine to create a mark that appears similar to engraving. The unit shown above is called an MDM1000 and provides a cost-effective alternative to stamping and dies, and offers great flexibility in marking metal tags for various industrial traceability and asset tracking needs.

With the option for manual or automatic feed, and the ability to produce plates one-by-one, or in large runs by way of a database, this machine is the best solution for low to medium volume marking applications where there is a need for a flexible mark (different font sizes, logos and fields) at a very affordable hardware cost.

The image below is a tag that was embossed using a metal plate marking machine, specifically the MDM1000.  Interested in more information on which metal marking solutions is best for you? Visit our website at

metal plate marking machine - dog peen plate

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  1. January 27, 2012 6:05 AM

    We should say thanks to the technology because it save our time and energy. Manually this type of job is quite tough while this product increase the ability of work.

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