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Track Your Assets Using an Embossed Metal Tag

September 7, 2011

part marking with embossed metal tag

Why is an embossed metal tag the best method of asset tracking?  Because the information you emboss on your metal plate or tag is virtually indestructible.  The image above is a part manufactured for eventual machine assembly – it is “tagged” with an embossed stainless steel tag in order to “track” it throughout its life until it is ready for its intended use.

Embossed metal tags can withstand any type of environment, from harsh outdoor weather – cold temperatures, hot temperatures, direct sun exposure, high salinity areas, etc., to hazardous indoor impacts – chemicals, paint, debris, heat, etc.   A metal plate embosser marks a raised surface on a metal plate or tag and therefore the information can not be lost.  Embossed tags can be painted over, sand blasted, or galvanized, and the information embossed is still perfectly legible.  As a result, part marking with an embossed metal tag for asset tracking has become the trusted method for  industrial manufacturers.

Below are a few industry specific images of how metal tags are used to track assets during and after the manufacturing process.

parts marked by metal plates

For more information on how to track your assets using embossed metal tags please visit our website at

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