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Manual Dog Tag Embossers – How Do They Work?

August 19, 2011

Manual Dog Tag MachineManual dog tag embossers such as the M10 HE are machines that manually emboss or deboss dog tags or other small metal tags.  This machine was designed for producing metal tags, one-by-one, in the field, or at an on-site location where power is not available.

This machine is truly portable, weighing only 28 lbs., and is equipped with two handles allowing for easy transportation to and from work sites.  The operater simply inserts a tag into the placeholder (clamp), then uses the wheel at the top to select the characters needed to be marked on the tag, then proceeds with pulling the hand lever to complete the embossing process.

This machine is widely used by the U.S. Military to produce military dog tags in the field, and also used by various industries that require a portable, easy-to-use part marking system for tagging parts and equipment.

Below is a quick video that demonstrates how to operate a manual dog tag embosser – take note of the ease of operation and ability to produce tags one-by-one as needed.

If you require a more automatic method of producing tags, take a look at our automatic dog tag machine, the MDT500HE.


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