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Product Identification with an Embossed Metal Plate

August 11, 2011


Embossed Metal Plate

Part marking is a necessity in the manufacturing world.  Depending on the process of the plant, different methods of marking are preferred.  One option for marking a part is with metal plates and tags.  This method is desired for industries that don’t want a part or product permanently marked with a bar code, lettering, etc.  In this case, a metal plate or tag is embossed with information for identification, and the tag can easily be removed from the product if need be.

Embossing on a metal plate or tag is the desired method for manufacturers and plants where harsh conditions and general wear and tear are a threat to the product identification.  Depending on the machine, embossing can produce the following:

  • Standard alpha numeric text
  • Windows fonts and special characters
  • 2D data matrix bar codes
  • Dot matrix
  • Logos and graphics

The image above is an example of a standard alpha numeric embossed plate.  This can be accomplished by a metal embossing machine.  Metal embossing machines have the ability to produce various types of marking, such as the ones mentioned above.

If you are interested in learning more about metal plates and tags check out our eCommerce website  You will find various sizes and finishes of metal plates and tags for part marking and product identification.

If you would like further information on metal embossing machines to mark on metal plates and tags for product identification, visit

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