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Part Marking Solution for Architectural Parts Manufacturer

April 29, 2011

metal tag embossing solution


Construction Specialties – an architectural parts manufacturer for commercial and residential construction projects located in Muncy, PA was in need of a solution to mark high quality fire doors during the manufacturing process.

Construction Specialties was looking for a system that could not only produce a durable tag to physically mark the part at final assembly and the quality control station, but also the ability to produce a part number to be embossed on the tag by scanning an existing barcode.

 Part marking and traceability is extremely important in manufacturing and due to the conditions of the production environment; a tag that can withstand harsh environments, combined with technologically advanced software is a necessity.


CIM USA, Inc. proposed their ME2000 metal plate embossing machine with a special firmware version for external barcode scanner control.  This system provided an exact solution – it has the ability to emboss or “mark” various size metal tags and plates, and the technology to scan an existing barcode and translate that information to then be embossed on the metal tag.  The outcome was positive all the way around.  Construction Specialties was very pleased with the system, and CIM USA was proud once again provide a solution to meet the specific needs of their client.

Metal Tag Embosser

For further information about Construction Specialties, please visit their website at  For further information about CIM USA, Inc., and how they can provide you with an advanced solution for your part marking and traceability needs, please visit their website at

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