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The Effective Use Of Technology In An Essential Industry

February 3, 2017


In today’s highly digitalized world, every sector and industry relies on the use of the internet to assist, communicate, troubleshoot and most importantly operate efficiently.

The world has reached a point of no turning back; the internet is here to stay. Like with anything, there are pros and cons, some of which can drastically change the way we do things. The threats that technology poses if used in the wrong way by the wrong individuals can be devastating for people, businesses and the environment. An invisible enemy has been looming and striking hard in recent times: Cyberterrorism.

This major issue is addressed by the world’s best research firms who have painted a map of the current situation regarding cybersecurity. Symantec Corp has conducted a study which indicates that cyber-terrorism is one of the highest threats to the oil industry, creating vulnerability for oil and gas infrastructures worldwide. According to Ponemon’s survey of over 250 businesses, the cost of cyber crimes amount to $13.2 million a year.

Another major researcher in this field, ABI Research estimates that oil and gas infrastructure cybersecurity spending on a global stage can reach $1.9 billion by the year 2018.

Energy companies along with any major enterprise, strive for the total protection of their sensitive data.

Unfortunately, hackers can penetrate a company’s digital space and damage physical spaces by hacking into power stations and oil rigs. In a world that is more and more automated and digitized, the risk is even higher.

Oil companies have always prioritized physical security by installing electric fencing, cameras and guards in every facility regardless of the territory: offshore, field, headquarters etc.

CIM has long lasting relationships with the largest names in the oil industry and has partnered with many businesses that manufacture equipment for the oil and gas industry by providing products that aide in asset tracking, product ID and security to increase control in every step and sector of this industry.

CIM industrial marking machines and asset tags are utilized to mark serial numbers, product types and sizes; the ideal application for valve tagging, pipeline tagging, pump tagging, intake line tagging, motor tags, tags for gas separators, as well as tags for various components such as fuel tanks, engine generators, mud pits, mud pumps, various storage and housing units, electric control houses and more.

Even in the harshest environment or during a crisis, CIM products will always provide the information needed to solve major issues that can ultimately affect Eco Systems and lives.

 CIM believes that technology is intended as a positive factor embedded in the functions of our everyday lives and should be integrated to help businesses implement the fastest and most logical solutions to problems.

We are a company that will continue to provide products and solutions that have at its core the highest interest for the ultimate well being of human lives, the protection of valuable assets, growth of the economy and the security of our environment.

Ideal products for this solution are the MDM1000/MDM2000 and the ME1000/ME2000 metal embossing machines

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How To Deal With The Mass Production Of Financial Cards

January 25, 2017

CIM USA has a system available called the CAM 3030. This can optically match and verify data and cross-check all personalization data on each and every card. The system can read different pieces of information on the card including barcodes, printed information on the card, magnetic strips, and more. Whether the cards you’re issuing have contact information or not, you’ll be able to use the CAM 3030 to help your organization with the process of both card affixing, labeling, and mailing. 

  Your process will be streamlined and assured for quality. The CAM 3030 is one of the best solutions that we have which enables you as a financial or government institution to have reliable card personalization and issuance solutions. 


You can rely on CIM-USA for secure cards for your retail or financial institution. This includes the ability to print chip cards and verify important information for each card that is printed. Since machines like the CAM 3030 can read information on both the front and the back of the card, it’s easy for the system to cross-check information in available databases. Retail stores, financial institutions, health insurance companies, government offices, and associations trust our plastic card embossing and issuance machines for the cards that are being issued to their members. These types of cards include: credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, government issued ID cards, insurance cards, and healthcare insurance cards.   

Transporting Cards

 The card and carrier transport system that’s available with the CAM 3030 is what really makes it valuable. It has an updated card and carrier transport system and a card label affixing station built into it. It’s fast and easy to maximize the production of plastic cards. The CAM 3030 will even envelope the card and get it ready to be sent. 

Other Great Features Of The Cam 3030:

  • Eliminates scratches on both sides of the card
  • Can produce up to 1,400 cards per hour
  • Is supplied with the MAXIMAILER PLUS HP, which allows for card affixing, addressing, and envelope stuffing  

The CAM 3030 is just one of CIM-USA’s plastic card embossing and card transport machines. It’s a great solution for agencies that need to deliver official membership cards and IDs to its members without fail. 

CIM-USA is the best place for plastic card embossing, metal plate embossing, and plastic card issuance solutions. Contact us today so that we can help to fulfill your company’s or organization’s needs. We provide the support that industry leaders need to deliver to consumers in today’s fast-paced world.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can enhance your business’ needs.

How EMV Cards Reduce Fraud

January 5, 2017


EMV chip card technology is named after its developers, Europay, Mastercard and Visa. It was developed in order to protect cardholder data and reduce fraud. The technology has been deployed to over 80 countries due to its success in providing more secure credit card usage.

How Does EMV Prevent Fraud?

The chips in the cards are tamper-proof and almost impossible to reproduce. There’s a unique code for every transaction that’s created with a chip card which provides extra protection for both businesses and consumers. In European countries alone since the adoption of this technology, counterfeit card fraud has dropped by 91% and fraudulent purchases have dropped by 98%.

How has EMV Improved Things In The US?

In 2015, according to First Data, businesses in the US were lated to lose $10 billion due to fraudulent credit card activity. That’s a lot of money that’s being stripped away from your business revenue! According to, chip card enabled merchants have seen a 47% drop in fraudulent activity. Yet, for businesses who have not yet enacted the new technology Mastercard has seen a 77% increase in fraudulent activity.

If your business has its own credit card associated with it, it might be time to make the switch to EMV technology. it could save you quite a bit in the long run and your customers will feel protected.

CIM USA has the technology for you to create and ship your own store credit cards. Don’t delay in making this important transition any longer!

The Trusted History Of CIM USA

December 7, 2016

Some “new” technologies in the consumer and business world aren’t so new to CIM’s offices all over the world. Technologies like EMV chip cards and other protections for business and consumers have been in our use for years.

CIM was founded in 1985 and has been growing consistently ever since. By the early 1990’s, CIM came up with products that provide simple yet flexible solutions. These have revolutionized the plastic card and metal plate market. Our offices have expanded throughout the years to have locations in Asia, Italy and North America.

CIM’s Achievements Throughout The Years 

In 1995, CIM partnered with a French company which focused on thermal transfer cards and printers. This technology allowed for the instant issuance of cards.

By 1998, CIM developed and manufactured equipment for the Japanese market, which included self-service options for card creation. CIM also launched INSERTER 1500, which was designed for the seamless mailing of cards by businesses.

In 1999, CIM released the ME Series which was designed for innovative metal plate personalization.

In 2004, CIM Italy introduced TL 1000 which authorized home offices to personalize their own ID cards.

By 2005, CIM was chosen to be a supplier by brand leaders in the automotive market to create metal tags for each piece of equipment used to build vehicles.

As you can see from the “short list” of CIM’s achievements in the card personalization and ID tag field, we have been ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology. All of our printers and personalization technologies have been created for success across many different industries. You can trust CIM for your business ID cards, metal plate embossing and EMV card creation needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business

Embossing, Indent and Dot Peen of Metal Tags and Plates

October 18, 2016

Embossing and Metal Marking Machines are incredibly useful tools across industries. What these machines do and how they can be of service to so many isn’t exactly obvious. Our customers who purchase embossing, indent and dot peen machines vary from the United States Military to large manufacturing companies to power plants to small local businesses. The size of a company doesn’t matter when it comes to owning an embossing machine. Here, we’ll explain the different processes that take place in these metal marking procedures.


Metal Embossing 

The lettering is raised, depending upon your specific needs. These machines use something called punch and dies, which are corresponding male and female pieces of the embossing machine that produce the indent or raised alphanumeric character (similar to a typewriter).




Metal Indenting 

This produces indented letters and numbers in plates and tags. The process is completed by means of a print wheel. A dog license to identify a dog might be printed using this method. Any size metal can be printed using metal indenting. The characters produced appear as “sunken” into the metal tag.




Metal Dot or Dot Peen Marking 

This process uses a stylus pin to mark a metal plate using a series of dots to form all kinds of readable elements including numbers, logos and 2D Data Matrix codes.




Metal 2D Barcodes 

These bar codes provide information that can hold thousands of characters. This storage of information is significantly greater than that of standard 20 character barcodes. Metal embossing machines and metal indentation machines have the capabilities to produce these types of barcodes, which is very helpful for many businesses.   In addition, the barcodes can be easily scanned by an industrial barcode scanner or by simply downloading an app.

me5002d tag

Cim-USA is North America’s source for metal embossing, dot peen marking and metal indentation machines. Our company is a certified Government Service Contractor who proudly serves the US military. Contact us for all of your plate embossing needs, no matter what kind of business you’re running.

The Convenience and Versatility of Dot Peen Marking

September 30, 2016

Dot Peen Marking is a technology that allows manufacturers to automate their direct part marking processes. Each part will be traceable with data beyond the limited amount of alphanumeric characters and restricted space provided on the surface of a standard metal plate or tag. Good quality dot peen marking systems will allow you to place markings on products consistently and quickly.

Important things to look for in a dot peen marking system are:

  • Marks fast without errors
  • Connects directly to the cloud
  • Ability to use 2D matrix codes
  • Integration of technical systems is easy

Dot Peen Marking is often an upgrade for many manufacturers. The upside of the upgrade to these marking machines is definitely the increase in production for the manufacturer. The dot peen marking system greatly decreases the incidence of errors, which also helps increase production and eliminate the waste of product in the production facility.

Other methods of permanent part marking include:

  • Hand stamping
  • Laser marking
  • Chemical etching

These are all fine methods, however, none are as efficient as dot peen marking. These other methods are more time consuming and cause a lot of consumable waste. Some of the methods even require the use of hazardous chemicals.

When choosing between dot peen marking and any other method, in most cases, dot peen marking wins every time.

CIM USA offers two amazing models, the  MDM1000 and MDM2000 which give you tremendous flexibility in marking your metal tags. A cost-effective alternative to stamping and dies, dot peen words on the tag’s surface in any true Windows-type font as well as produce logos and other graphics.

If you’re searching for high quality marking machines for your manufacturing facility, look no further than CIM USA for dependable metal marking solutions.

What Are Metal Plate Marking Systems Used to Help Identify?

August 18, 2016

Metal plate marking systems are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. These metal marking systems help to clearly mark metal plates that identify many different types of objects from tractors to automobiles.

Identification plates are used in areas where some materials cannot be used safely or practically. Metal is generally the safest material to be used for these purposes. The metals used are not as subject to deterioration as other materials. The types of metals that are often used include brass, bronze and aluminum. These are metals that will not rust or build up with residue easily. Material like these are also able to tolerate extreme temperatures well.

What metal plate marking systems help to identify is based solely on what purpose the item is being used for. Metal marking systems can produce multiple identification plates or single plates for multiple items that require unique identification. Below, we explain some of the uses for metal marking machines and their respective metal identification plates.


Schematic Plates 


These plates identify diagrams to indicate how certain types of equipment is wired. These identification plates can also tell how to properly operate machinery. In essence these plates that have been marked by metal marking systems are like built-in instruction manuals. They can be quick guides for both troubleshooting and repair services as well. These are great guides for machine operators and new employees using certain equipment alike. Schematic plates are good for both the safety and operation of machinery.



Barcode Plates/ 2D Data Matrix 

me5002d tag

Metal plate marking machines can also be used to put barcodes on certain items. Often, we think of barcodes as something that is placed on plastic or paper, but sometimes certain items require that codes be placed on them using more durable materials. These products would typically be exposed to harsh environments and temperatures. Often, these barcode identification plates will be attached to an item with screws or rivets to ensure that it is secure in extreme conditions.



Serial Number/ Model Number Identification Plates 


honda plate


These plates are used to identify the models of the items that they are placed on. They will often carry quite a bit of information on them and can be found underneath or on the back of an item. Some other information included along with the model and serial number is the voltage requirements, the date of manufacture and the company that manufactured the product. This is one of the most important uses for a metal plate marking systems.



Branded Metal Plates 


Metal plate marking systems can also be used to mark branded plates in order to display what brand a particular product is marketed under. If a plate needs to last for an extended period of time or needs to withstand harsh conditions, these branded plates must be used to save the brand logo on the product. These would typically be used on items like lawn mowers, tractors and toys.



As you can see, metal plate marking systems are incredibly useful across numerous industries. CIM USA provides the best quality metal marking systems that are sure to identify your products clearly and dependably. Contact CIM USA today to learn more about what solution can suit your needs and requirements.


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