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Personalizing Smart Contact and Contactless Cards  

September 18, 2017


The MultiEncoder provides an innovative form of production for plastic card personalization. This system which can be found in CIM’s Premium Series performs fast electrical personalization of both contact and contactless smart cards. The MultiEncoder is one of the most sophisticated systems that we offer. Even if your smart cards are using different applications simultaneously, the system still works efficiently to enhance the production output. This machine can do heavy duty processing- up to 3,000 smart cards in an hour!

 The MultiEncoder operates as part of a sophisticated production line. There are many components to the card personalization process including magnetic encoding, embossing, indentation, smart chip technology, and so much more.

The MultiEncoder can be used as part of a production line or as a stand-alone module as it has a dedicated feeder and stacker.


The Difference Between Contact And Contactless Cards

Contact based cards require some sort of physical contact for the card to be used. Contact cards will need to either be swiped or inserted for transactions to be completed. 

Contactless cards work with RFID (radio frequency ID) technology, and you simply need to be near the scanner. If you look closely at your card, you can see the antennae surrounding the contactless chip 

Other technologies that are used for contactless cards include electric field coupling or optical technologies.    

 EMV and NFC

Security Features

The most important thing to note about either type of these smart cards is that they provide protection to both businesses and consumers using plastic cards. Smart chip technology is among the most secure of any of these available features. Both types of cards make the identification process fast and easy. One could argue that contactless cards are among the easiest of plastic card usage as they only require a tap or a wave. 


Security Concerns 

Contactless cards come along with the same fears that that physical contact cards do. Some matters are that of hackers being able to access the information on RFID cards with the right technology. These problems can be easily prevented if the card is placed in a sleeve or even inside of a wallet. 


Contact The Plastic Card Personalization Experts

 CIM-USA is an international leader in providing the right equipment to companies everywhere to assist in secure plastic card central issuance. You can trust CIM USA to provide your business with the latest technology and security features to protect your business and your clients and customers. Contact us today to find the right plastic card embossing and issuance system to suit your needs.  


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Features To Look For In An ID Card Printer

June 23, 2017

CIM USA has some of the most effective and most affordable ID card printers around. Our printers are quick and versatile, which is what you need for your company or organization. We offer a variety of options to suit your ID card needs including smart chip encoding and magnetic stripe encoding for all types of plastic cards that are issued. Basically, however complex or how simple you want your ID cards to be, you can make them that way with our selection of printers and options. Take a look at the guide below to help you make a more informed decision about your ID card printer type.  

Suited For Multiple Operating Environments

When you look for an ID card printer for your organization, you want to be sure that the cards are suited for the environments you’re going to be using them in. If you need more on demand printing then you should look for an ID printer that can fit that specific need along with other requirements.  

Crisp Images

A great feature in any ID card printer is that of vivid images. Whether you’re printing in monochrome or color, it’s important that the identification images come through clear in order to help make the entire badge process streamlined. Check the DPI resolution of the printer and be sure it offers edge to edge printability.

Card Types And Features

The card ID printer that you choose should offer the features that you need. From high security clearance organizations to basic ID needs in less stringent settings, the ID card printer should be able to keep up with your organization’s security needs. The ID card is, after all, part of one of your most important security protection features in many cases. 

The Physical Security Of The Printer Itself

Where will you be keeping your ID card printers? Part of your security features should include a plan that only authorized personnel have access to these ID acrd printers. Anything different could lead to some serious security breaches. Can the ID card printer be put under lock and key? Will it be stored in a secure office? Ask these questions in order to decide the ID card printer that’s right for you.  


Will You Need Extended Print Runs?

Many card readers have a larger maximum number of cards that can be loaded into them compared to others. The standard number for many acrd printers is 200 blank cards. This is especially helpful in settings where the ID card printer must be used for an extended period to complete the printing of large quantities of IDs. 


Energy Efficiency

It’s a nice bonus to have an ID card printer that offers energy efficiency. This allows the card printer to run better and save your organization a bit on electricity and energy costs. 


CIM USA offers the Sunlight Saturn ID Card Printer along with the advanced Rainbow Light software for ID card printers along with many other plastic card issuance solutions, and more. Contact us today to let CIM help you obtain the equipment that you need to suit your company’s needs for both security and productivity.  

A New Solution For Embossing Marker Plates And Tags Is Here

May 22, 2017

CIM has just introduced a brand new solution for embossing metal marker tags and plates. Knowing that these plates are important for identification across many industries, we know that accuracy is important. We also understand that convenience is key while out in the field and on job sites. That’s why the creation of the MTM500 was so vital. This is a solution that is perfect for entry marker plates and tags used in many different applications. Due to its compact design, you can now easily accommodate your marking needs right on the job site. The best part of this portable marking system is that it provides high quality workmanship along with accuracy.

The MTM500 is perfect for many different industries and purposes including pipe identification, marine environment work, utility and power company needs, mining, and industrial manufacturing to name a few. Basically, any industry that uses metal plate marking and could use this portable solution and benefit from the MTM500. These plates can be used in everything from cable wire identification to marking submarines during the manufacturing process. MTM 500 MACCHINA


The MTM500 is an incredibly durable system that allows for readable characters to come out on any metal plates that it embosses. There’s even an option that allows you to choose different size characters. You’re even able to load the hooper with up to 200 blank marker plates. Everything about this system exudes ease and quality.

Along with CIM’s easy install QuickMark software, the entire MTM500 system is great for both small and medium production volumes of metal plates. The software requires little training for new users, and allows you to preview the final marking result on the marker plate right from the screen.


You can be sure of exceptional quality when it comes to CIM USA and our products. We are proud to provide the best in everything from EMV card printing solutions to metal plate embossing allowing your business both accuracy and security. Contact us today to discover more about our products and services.

When it comes to plastic card personalization, metal plate embossing, and secure ID card production, CIM is an international leader. You know that we are a business you can trust with the products to produce the highest quality cards and plates that come along with the most accuracy and security.

Payment Methods In The Year 2017

March 2, 2017


Credit card payment methods are is constantly changing. In the year 2017, it’s almost bizarre to actually swipe a credit card for a payment. Merchants need to keep up with these fast- changing, more secure types of payment methods.


Mobile Payments And NFC Technology

For many consumers, NFC and mobile payments are the new form of swiping. Consumers enjoy the “tap to pay” option. Some of these payment methods require additional security features, some complete with 2-step verification. Credit card companies and businesses alike are smart to switch over to the NFC-enabled tap to pay options, or have cards equipped with multiple payment options. Cards can easily be customized with these features.

There’s good news for businesses with these new technologies. It has been shown that consumers actually spend more freely when they tap a card or use the assistance of an app. Companies may feel better using a card-based option, as the absolute security of cloud-based, or internet-based payment options hasn’t been proven yet and hackers are always a threat.


Snap To Pay For Additional Security

Many banks have already had this type of technology for years, where a check deposit only takes a few snaps of a camera to enter a bank account. One credit card company has rolled out “selfie pay” also known as MasterCard Identity Check which enables app users to confirm an online payment by showing their face to the smartphone’s camera. The “selfie pay” app also supports fingerprint biometrics offering the user to authenticate a mobile purchase with either their face or finger at the time of purchase


What Does The Future Hold?

The future holds quite a bit for credit card payments. With new and old technologies merging to make things more secure for both businesses and consumers, a rapidly changing industry can be expected. The expansion of EMV card technologies is a definite in the industry, with only a growing number percentage of retailer already adopting it as a primary payment method. Retailers need to be sure to keep up with the times when it comes to EMV payment processing. Consumers are ready to use their chip-enabled cards, yet retailers have been slow to catch on with the trend. It only makes sense for businesses to give their customers a better sense of security and piece of mind. EMV is one technology that is here to stay, so before retailers and banks fall too far behind, it’s imperative that they adopt this important new technology for both security and convenience.


The Risk Depends On Your Need For Security

The security needed for different payment methods depends on the products and services being offered. Fast food less of a risk than a $1,000 television purchase, for example. Nonetheless consumers want the utmost in security no matter what they’re buying.


CIM USA offers The Latest In EMV Card Personalization Technology.

You can trust CIM USA to provide your company with the latest and greatest in card personalization and technology. From NFC enabled cards to EMV chip-secured cards, your company will know that they can trust our machines for their card issuance needs. This includes a variety of systems for EMV Card Personalization and fulfillment and encoders. Contact us today for a more secure way to handle your card personalization.

The Effective Use Of Technology In An Essential Industry

February 3, 2017


In today’s highly digitalized world, every sector and industry relies on the use of the internet to assist, communicate, troubleshoot and most importantly operate efficiently.

The world has reached a point of no turning back; the internet is here to stay. Like with anything, there are pros and cons, some of which can drastically change the way we do things. The threats that technology poses if used in the wrong way by the wrong individuals can be devastating for people, businesses and the environment. An invisible enemy has been looming and striking hard in recent times: Cyberterrorism.

This major issue is addressed by the world’s best research firms who have painted a map of the current situation regarding cybersecurity. Symantec Corp has conducted a study which indicates that cyber-terrorism is one of the highest threats to the oil industry, creating vulnerability for oil and gas infrastructures worldwide. According to Ponemon’s survey of over 250 businesses, the cost of cyber crimes amount to $13.2 million a year.

Another major researcher in this field, ABI Research estimates that oil and gas infrastructure cybersecurity spending on a global stage can reach $1.9 billion by the year 2018.

Energy companies along with any major enterprise, strive for the total protection of their sensitive data.

Unfortunately, hackers can penetrate a company’s digital space and damage physical spaces by hacking into power stations and oil rigs. In a world that is more and more automated and digitized, the risk is even higher.

Oil companies have always prioritized physical security by installing electric fencing, cameras and guards in every facility regardless of the territory: offshore, field, headquarters etc.

CIM has long lasting relationships with the largest names in the oil industry and has partnered with many businesses that manufacture equipment for the oil and gas industry by providing products that aide in asset tracking, product ID and security to increase control in every step and sector of this industry.

CIM industrial marking machines and asset tags are utilized to mark serial numbers, product types and sizes; the ideal application for valve tagging, pipeline tagging, pump tagging, intake line tagging, motor tags, tags for gas separators, as well as tags for various components such as fuel tanks, engine generators, mud pits, mud pumps, various storage and housing units, electric control houses and more.

Even in the harshest environment or during a crisis, CIM products will always provide the information needed to solve major issues that can ultimately affect Eco Systems and lives.

 CIM believes that technology is intended as a positive factor embedded in the functions of our everyday lives and should be integrated to help businesses implement the fastest and most logical solutions to problems.

We are a company that will continue to provide products and solutions that have at its core the highest interest for the ultimate well being of human lives, the protection of valuable assets, growth of the economy and the security of our environment.

Ideal products for this solution are the MDM1000/MDM2000 and the ME1000/ME2000 metal embossing machines

To learn more about our product lines visit and

For more details on CIM’s experience in the oil and gas industry, and on how our products can offer solutions to this sector’s needs, click the link below:

How To Deal With The Mass Production Of Financial Cards

January 25, 2017

CIM USA has a system available called the CAM 3030. This can optically match and verify data and cross-check all personalization data on each and every card. The system can read different pieces of information on the card including barcodes, printed information on the card, magnetic strips, and more. Whether the cards you’re issuing have contact information or not, you’ll be able to use the CAM 3030 to help your organization with the process of both card affixing, labeling, and mailing. 

  Your process will be streamlined and assured for quality. The CAM 3030 is one of the best solutions that we have which enables you as a financial or government institution to have reliable card personalization and issuance solutions. 


You can rely on CIM-USA for secure cards for your retail or financial institution. This includes the ability to print chip cards and verify important information for each card that is printed. Since machines like the CAM 3030 can read information on both the front and the back of the card, it’s easy for the system to cross-check information in available databases. Retail stores, financial institutions, health insurance companies, government offices, and associations trust our plastic card embossing and issuance machines for the cards that are being issued to their members. These types of cards include: credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, government issued ID cards, insurance cards, and healthcare insurance cards.   

Transporting Cards

 The card and carrier transport system that’s available with the CAM 3030 is what really makes it valuable. It has an updated card and carrier transport system and a card label affixing station built into it. It’s fast and easy to maximize the production of plastic cards. The CAM 3030 will even envelope the card and get it ready to be sent. 

Other Great Features Of The Cam 3030:

  • Eliminates scratches on both sides of the card
  • Can produce up to 1,400 cards per hour
  • Is supplied with the MAXIMAILER PLUS HP, which allows for card affixing, addressing, and envelope stuffing  

The CAM 3030 is just one of CIM-USA’s plastic card embossing and card transport machines. It’s a great solution for agencies that need to deliver official membership cards and IDs to its members without fail. 

CIM-USA is the best place for plastic card embossing, metal plate embossing, and plastic card issuance solutions. Contact us today so that we can help to fulfill your company’s or organization’s needs. We provide the support that industry leaders need to deliver to consumers in today’s fast-paced world.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can enhance your business’ needs.

How EMV Cards Reduce Fraud

January 5, 2017


EMV chip card technology is named after its developers, Europay, Mastercard and Visa. It was developed in order to protect cardholder data and reduce fraud. The technology has been deployed to over 80 countries due to its success in providing more secure credit card usage.

How Does EMV Prevent Fraud?

The chips in the cards are tamper-proof and almost impossible to reproduce. There’s a unique code for every transaction that’s created with a chip card which provides extra protection for both businesses and consumers. In European countries alone since the adoption of this technology, counterfeit card fraud has dropped by 91% and fraudulent purchases have dropped by 98%.

How has EMV Improved Things In The US?

In 2015, according to First Data, businesses in the US were lated to lose $10 billion due to fraudulent credit card activity. That’s a lot of money that’s being stripped away from your business revenue! According to, chip card enabled merchants have seen a 47% drop in fraudulent activity. Yet, for businesses who have not yet enacted the new technology Mastercard has seen a 77% increase in fraudulent activity.

If your business has its own credit card associated with it, it might be time to make the switch to EMV technology. it could save you quite a bit in the long run and your customers will feel protected.

CIM USA has the technology for you to create and ship your own store credit cards. Don’t delay in making this important transition any longer!